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Nice to meet you ! Welcome ! Review lesson 19 -27
How are you Special to day Making a phone call
What does she look like ! Introductions Visiting a friend
Where are you from ? At School Greeting and Introduction
Do you speak English ? Location Breakfast Recommendation
My family Shopping Ordering the food
These are my relatives Did you buy this for me ? Check please
What do you do ? Activeties Meeting a friend
Where do you work ? Listen to the music How is the car
What time is it ? What's you dinner ? About the train
What day is it ? He is taller than I am A pair of shoes
How is the weather ? What is the tallest mountain ? Buying a phone
What are you wearing ? Furniture Directions to the toilet
The body At the station Make an appoinment for later
What the matter ? Past experiences Choosing a movie
Home sweet home Future life What is coincident
Tell me about your fumiture ? I wish upon a star Making a date
I'm hungry ! World Knowledge Going to the shop
Would you like to go ? Social group Postponing
My vacation Dining out Passing a message
How do you travel ? What are your job skills ? Making a conversation
How do you get there ? Talking on the phone
Ask me a question The art
I dont know Transportation
Review lesson 1-9 Celebrations
Review lesson 10-18 Review lesson 1-9
Review lesson 19-27 Review lesson 10-18

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