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Study English is designed for intermediate to advanced English language learners, especially those using English for study purposes.

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System, and is an internationally recognised test of English language proficiency.

Australia Network in partnership with Insearch, University of Technology, Sydney have produced 2 TV series of Study English for a total of 52 episodes
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Learning English

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Learn a new word or a phrase daily, free esl lesson with example sentences to practice English, making you learn to speak fluent English with neutral accent. A Free Esl lesson - Pronunciation practice | English Vocabulary | free online English lesson | free English Grammar | Toefl | Fluent English Practice.

Today's new word is : prestigious meaning respectful or very well known , Adjective, Phrase
Practice English lessons regularly to speak in English fluently and confidently

Tags : Business English, Phrases, vocabulary, idioms, esl English, English speaking, spoken English, accent training, pronunciation
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  • The high quality of a company’s customer experience rarely has anything to do with the high price of their product. Our aim is true slapCompany.
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